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Mr.P.S. Solai Rajan

CA(M); CTP(M); ACTIM, LTA (M); B.Acc (Hons)Malaya

He is the founder and Managing proprietor of Solai & Co, a Company registered with Malaysia Institute of Accountants (MIA). He holds a Bachelor of Accounting with Honors degree from University of Malaya (B.Acc(Hons).He is also a Professional Member as Chartered Accountant (CA (M) with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants Malaysia (MIA) and A Chartered Tax Practitioners with the Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM) in addition to An Associate Tax Member with Chartered tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM).

He is also a Licensed/Approved Tax Agent under Section 153(3) of Income Tax Act 1967 and Approved by the Treasury Division of Ministry of Finance Malaysia. He is also an active participating member at most of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs organized bi MIA, CTIM, Royal Malaysian Custom Department (RMCD) and Malaysian Association of Tax Accountants (MATA)

During his tenure with Corporate Companies in various Commercial industries almost 20 years and 10 years of practical experiences in Accounting Practices, he has obtained hands on and valuable experiences in the area of Comprehensive Accounting, Audit and Assurance, Personal and Corporate Tax Planning and Compliance, General Taxation, Corporate Loan Requisition, Recoveries and Restructuring, Corporate Secretarial and Compliance , Due Diligence as well as various financial disciplines in today’s more challenging niche business world and financial environment.


A Member Firm of The Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)

Chartered Accountants, Malaysia, CA(M)

Chartered Tax Practitioners, Malaysia, CTP(M)

Approved/Licensed Tax Agent, Malaysia

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